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At Newlife we believe God has called us to see MORE PEOPLE, MORE LIKE JESUS. This statement encapsulates the heart and vision of Newlife and why we exist as a gathered community. This vision inspires in us a desire to see everyone that calls Newlife home, know that God has a purpose and plan for them to outwork their passion for the good of the world and the glory of God.

Pathways is the beginning of this journey!

Pathways aims to help you discover who we are as a community, who we believe God to be, how He has gifted each of us with the ability to serve others and ultimately how to know our purpose and calling in the world. Usually, the pathways program will take place over four weeks. However, in March, we would love to host Pathways nights for our regular volunteers and Church family where we will compress the four weeks of material in one night.

Pathways will be the key to all volunteering and serving in our Church and will help you to better know the heart and vision of Newlife. Look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming Pathways nights in March!