1 Peter Chapter 1

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Read //

1 Peter 1:13

“therefore preparing your minds for action and being sober-minded”


Explore //

As mentioned yesterday, Jesus means Jehovah, (Je) saves (sus), that is God is active. God is love which can’t help but move and act in love. We can act not only in physical action as Jesus did in healing, but in thought and speech, as Jesus did in teaching. And so, to mimic our Lord, Peter says we must put our “minds for action” which can be put “seek understanding”. If we have understanding, we can speak well and represent our Lord to the world.

Seek understanding of what? Eternal things, the “imperishable seed”; v24

“All flesh is like grass

and all its glory like the flower of grass

The grass withers and the flowers falls

But the word of the Lord endures forever”

Apply //

“Imperishable seed” is a fascinating metaphor for something that grows. The seed, the Word in us grows and as with all plants in turn naturally spreads more seeds. We don’t make the seed, but we act by spreading the seed through our minds that are active, engaged and serious about understanding the word. If we understand, we can think and speak well.

But I don’t have time, you may say, I have other things I must study. Interestingly, both CSLewis and Alistair McGrath, who were both atheists, said their thinking was remarkably clearer once they truly understood Christianity and became believers. McGrath and Dan Paterson, who spoke last Sunday, are part of an Oxford teaching group whose principle is “making believers think, and making thinkers believe”.

Pray //

May your Spirit Lord make us hungry for your Word, and by it, renew our minds, for your Kingdom.


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