1 Thessalonians Chapter 1

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We always thank God for all of you and pray for you constantly v1

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I love the way the intro to this letter is written. It’s such an encouragement to read that the leaders of the Church where praying for people night and day!
That they were training and teaching new believers far beyond the capabilities they had placed on themselves. This is a beautiful picture of what discipleship is.
Praying for people constantly! Teaching them all you know about Jesus and allowing them thrive and lead people to the Lord.

Apply //
This is where it goes from a nice read to a life altering piece of scripture. The questions I got from this are Who are you praying for constantly? Who has God placed in your life to praying for constantly?
Who are you disciple’ing and seeing them grow into mighty warriors for Christ?
If you haven’t got anyone start praying for that opportunity to disciple someone, to show them the life altering relationship you have with Jesus.

Lord I pray that you reveal to us the one or two people you have called us to disciple, Lord I pray we remain constantly in prayer for these people

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  • Brad Foote says:

    Great reflection Jase. I’ve been encouraged by the maturity of faith that you are leading into in this season at Newlife. I’m praying for you today and tomorrow too.
    In Christ, Brad

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