1 Thessalonians Chapter 2

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Read //
 Our purpose is to please God, not only people. He alone examins the motives of our hearts V5

Explore //
 As a chronic people pleaser this is the day I’m happy to skim read J Paul speaks so clearly of his love for God and his very limited concern for the opinions those he is evangelizing to. Is this guy serious? Does he genuinely not care or is he putting on a fisaad? This is why reading Gods lover letter to you and I is so important, because we know Pauls life becomes one of absolute one eyed love for Jesus.

Apply //
 When I think about applying this chapter to my life I can’t help but ask myself who am I trying to please? Am I doing things to impress those around me or am doing things for the glory of God? Who’s praises am I seeking?

 Lord I pray that you begin to revel to us the areas in our lives that we are seeking to please people and not you? I pray you reveal those areas to us and we can begin to live a one-eyed life for Jesus and nobody else.

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