2 Thessalonians Chapter 3

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Read //

Verse 15,

“Yet do not regard them as an enemy, but warn them as you would a fellow believer.”

Explore //
This chapter speaks of idleness, and Paul warns the church to not associate and be wary of fellow followers who live a lethargic Christian life. I really loved how Paul spoke about the importance of not tiring of doing what is good and living a life of excellence, yet he followed this by saying to not associate with those who do not. Paul doesn’t want us considering other Christians enemies because they’re not living up to the call of Christianity, but to encourage them and warn them in a way which shows that we care for them, but how they’re living isn’t the best way for them to thrive.

Apply //
Applying this into my own life would be reminding myself that the people in my life who aren’t living the way God is calling them to are still loved by God and I’m called not to judge and condemn but to build up and encourage others in a stern yet loving way. This also includes giving those around me whose opinions I respect and value, permission to pull me up on the things in my own life I could be working on.

Dear Lord, I thank you that you’ve called me to a life of excellence, a life that glorifies you with all I do, I repent for when I fall short of this and pray you continue to work in me and use the people in my life to help me along. I pray I would be able to lovingly admonish those in my life the way you would.