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25 Days of Prayer

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We are inviting everyone who calls Newlife home to pray every day for 25 days from May 27 onwards.

Specifically, we’re inviting you to pray 7-7-7.

Pray for 7 minutes.

At 7am and/or 7pm.

Wherever we are, whether on our own, or better still – with one or two others.

What are we asking you to pray?

Every day we are asking you to lift your heart to God in adoration, acknowledging the beauty and wonder and glory of God’s character and nature.

Every day we are asking you to pray God would pour out his spirit on our church, convicting us where we need to repent and empowering us where we have become too reliant on our own strength.

Every day we are asking you to pray God would pour out his spirit on our church, that we might have a deeper heart for those far from God, a boldness in our sharing of the gospel and that we would see many, many people come to saving faith in Jesus in this next season – more people, more like Jesus. Go one step further; pray daily for someone in your friendship or family circles that does not yet know Jesus. Pray they would encounter and respond to God and his grace.

And especially, every day, we are asking you to pray God would deepen our hunger and thirst for him, that God does a ‘new thing’ in our midst – we would see it, perceive it and cooperate with it (see Isaiah 43:18-19).

Pray God would pour out a spirit of revival in our midst.

In addition, we invite you to pray specific prayers each day as detailed in this document.

Yes, all this in seven minutes. Of course, you can spend more time with God in prayer if you like!

Let’s be praying with a spirit of expectation and anticipation, believing God will do amazing things amongst us (Joshua 3:5).

We’d also love to invite you to join us in sharing on social media over the next 25 days. By following this link, you’ll be able to download sharable tiles for each day.

Day One – May 27
Pray for our Cities (Gold Coast and Brisbane)

Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.

(Jeremiah 29:7)

Pray God would prosper our cities; that they would be infused with peace, justice and prosperity for all. Pray for Mayor Tom Tate and for the Gold Coast Council, as well as Mayor Adrian Schrinner; that God would grant them wisdom and strength in order to lead and serve our cities well.

Day Two – May 28
Pray for Families and Marriages

Pray God would strengthen marriages, in our church and our cities, and that spouses would seek and find help when they need it. Thank God for the opportunity we have to serve couples, particularly through our counsellors and Marriage Alpha. Pray these ministries would grow and flourish, and other God-breathed ministries might emerge. Pray for single-parent families and for foster carers.

 Day Three – May 29
Pray for Gold Coast and Brisbane City Churches

Pray God would flourish gospel-proclaiming church across our cities. Pray for revival –for a mighty move of God in and through his church! Pray for those who lead – priests, pastors, ministers and elders. Pray for City on a Hill – Gold Coast and Gateway Baptist – Brisbane City as they prepare to launch in coming months.

Day Four – May 30
Pray for our Governments: State and Federal

There is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

(Romans 13:1)

Pray for our Premier, Prime Minister and Opposition Leaders. Pray for a spirit of consensus and coalition building across ideological divides. Pray for a spirit of humility and service in our elected officials. Pray our governments will protect the poor, stand for truth, hold fast to freedom, strive for justice and work for prosperity. Pray God might grant us the governments we need, rather than ones we deserve.

Day Five – May 31
Pray for Business Owners and Operators

Pray for business owners and operators who call Newlife home; that God might prosper them in order they might be a blessing to their families, employees, suppliers, customers our church and our city.

Day Six – June 1
Pray for our Schools and Universities

Pray for the pre-school, primary, secondary, and tertiary education providers on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. Pray they would increasingly offer environments that nurture curiosity and a love of life-long learning. Pray for teachers, lecturers, and ancillary staff.  Pray particularly for Christians serving in the education sector; that their light might shine.

Day Seven – June 2
Pray for our Hospitals and Medical Professionals

Thank God, and pray for the many doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who call Newlife home. Pray for their witness and ministry at work, often in demanding and crisis situations. Pray for the emerging network of Christian medical professionals on the Gold Coast, for Dr Tash Yates and Dr Iain Johnston and their leadership – that God would flourish the network to be a mutually edifying and prophetic witness.

Day Eight – June 3
Pray for Newlife Care

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.

(James 1:27) 

Pray God would flourish the ministries of Newlife Care – our Op Shop, Counselling Service, Princess for a Day, Caravan Park Ministry, Emergency Food Relief, Christmas Hampers and Support Groups. Pray for Rob Collins (Executive Officer), David Armstrong (Chairperson), the Board and the Staff team as they lead and serve.

Day Nine – June 4
Pray for Village Church and Uniting North

Pray for our two Gold Coast church plants – Uniting North at Coomera and Village Church Burleigh. Thank God for their ongoing life and witness and their partnership with us in the gospel. Pray the Holy Spirit would be poured out on them in a way that overflows into the communities they serve; that more people would meet and grow in Jesus. Pray for Ralph (Village Church) and Orrell (Uniting North) as they lead their churches.

Day Ten – June 5
Pray for Church Planting

Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia.

(Acts 16:6)

Thank God for the three churches that, by God’s grace, we have planted – Uniting North, Village Church Burleigh and Newlife Brisbane. Thank God for the opportunities for further church plants we have been invited into. Pray God would grant us wisdom to know which open doors to walk through. Ask God to lead us into the right, God-breathed opportunities.

Day Eleven – June 6
Pray for Cambodia

Pray for the nation of Cambodia, particularly its many young and poor people – that the number of those who come to saving faith in Jesus would accelerate. Pray for the church in Cambodia, that it would be a creative and life giving minority. Pray especially for our Acts 1:8 Mission Partners – Stu and Jo (Battambang) and Rose and Perlito, and Byron (Poipet) – as well as for the children we sponsor in Poipet.

Day Twelve – June 7
Pray for Thailand

Pray for the nation of Thailand, particularly for the communities of Maedet and Musukee, and our Acts 1:8 mission partners – Siami and Sawitree. Pray for the remote-village children we sponsor to attend school, that they would not only thrive in their education, but will meet and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Day Thirteen – June 8
Pray for Bosnia

Pray for the beautiful, but war-scarred nation of Bosnia. Pray for the tiny evangelical church of that nation. Pray they would not lose heart, but experience a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit. Pray for our Acts 1:8 mission partner, Dina, as she pastors her church in Jajce and leads many ministries serving predominantly Muslim families in her town and beyond. Pray Dina, her family and her church would be light.

Day Fourteen – June 9
Pray for Kidzlife and Playgroup

Thank God for the thriving ministries we have with children and their families. Pray for Nicola (Kidzlife Gold Coast), Sarah (Kidzlife Brisbane) and Sue (Playgroup) and their many volunteers; that God would strengthen them to be the light of Jesus to those they serve. Pray in this next season many more children would surrender to Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Pray many more Playgroup families would make the short step to church, and through church, into a life-giving relationship with Jesus.

Day Fifteen – June 10
Pray for Newlife Youth

Thank God for Newlife Youth, for Jason and his leaders. Pray God would bless and strengthen them with wisdom as they serve and lead our young people. Pray for the young people who have been, and will be baptised this year. Pray for our outreach into local schools; that we would be a blessing to these communities. Pray the forthcoming Newlife Youth camp will see God move in powerful ways. Finally, please pray for Newlife Brisbane as it dreams and discerns what a flourishing youth ministry in the heart of the city might look like.

Day Sixteen – June 11
Pray for Crossroads

Thank God for our Crossroads community. Pray for Brad, Rob, Christine, Paula, Bec and our wonderful volunteers who serve alongside our crossroads clients and carers every week. Pray that Crossroads will navigate the transitions currently happening in the disability community sector wisely and well, and that Crossroads will continue to flourish into the future, providing a glimpse of the kingdom to come.

Day Seventeen – June 12
Pray for Newlife College and Worship Academy

Thank God for the incredible growth of Newlife College and Worship Academy over the last year.  Thank God for the graduates and students already on our staff, including Mike and Jo at Newlife Brisbane. Pray for Brenden, Erica, Craig and our Education Committee as they lead and oversee Newlife College and the Worship Academy. Pray for our students; that College would help them to love Jesus and the gospel more fully, particularly with their minds. Pray Newlife College and Worship Academy will produce missional leaders for a missional church.

Day Eighteen – June 13
Pray for the Isle of Capri Learning Centre

Thank God for the opportunity we have to serve families in our city through the Isle of Capri Learning Centre. Thank God for the funds the centre provides which supports new mission initiatives, including church plants. Pray for our co-directors, Aimee and Mel, and their amazing team of educators. Pray for every child in the centre, and their families. Pray for increasing enrolments through 2019 and beyond.

Day Nineteen – June 14
Pray for the Uniting Church

Pray for our denomination – the Uniting Church – for its congregations, leaders, agencies and councils. Thank God for the support we receive and missional opportunities we have through our denomination. Pray for a spirit of humility and, where necessary, repentance – that God would bring our movement back to two of its foundational values – a commitment to mission and God’s word. Pray for our leaders; our Moderator (David) and President (Deidre).

Day Twenty – June 15
Pray for Propel Network

Pray for the newly forming Propel Network – a movement of evangelical leaders, congregations and agencies in the Uniting Church. Pray many will make the decision to join and partner in its vision to see leadership development, evangelism, disciple making and church planting and revitalisation thrive in the Uniting Church. Pray for the Propel Steering Group, and for the inaugural conference to be hosted by Newlife in August. Pray the conference would be a significant time of refreshment and renewal in God for all who attend.

Day Twenty-One – June 16
Pray for the Global Leadership Network

Pray for the Global Leadership Network (GLN) (formerly Willow Creek Association), which Newlife has the privilege of hosting and significantly supporting as an expression of our call to be a ‘lighthouse church’. Pray for the GLN staff and board, for Phil (Executive Officer) and Bron (Administrator) in particular. Pray for the forthcoming GLS Plus events with Craig Groeschel, as well as the GLS season in October and November; that these 30 or so events would edify the church as they resource, equip and inspire leaders.

Day Twenty-Two – June 17
Pray for our Young Adult Community

Thank God for the many young adults who call Newlife home, in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Pray for our young adult small groups and their leaders. Pray for Anna and Matt as they lead our young adult community on the Gold Coast, and for Mike and Sarah and Newlife Brisbane young adults community. Pray for our 6pm community; that it would flourish and be an increasingly welcoming environment for all who come.  Pray God would birth new dreams and visions in our young adult communities.

Day Twenty-Three – June 18
Pray for our Small Groups

Thank God for every one of our 120 or so small groups, across all our generations. Pray for every small group leader; that God would strengthen them and grant them great wisdom and a deepening pastoral heart. Pray our small groups would dive deeper still into the beauty and truth of God and His word, and deeper in relationship with each other. Pray God would bring people to faith in and through our small groups.

Day Twenty-Four – June 19
Pray for our Staff and Ministry Team

Thank God for our Staff and Ministry Team. Pray God’s blessing, strength and protection over them and their families. Pray God would lead them deeper into his presence; that God’s presence would be their strength and joy. Thank God for the unity our staff and ministry team enjoy and pray God would deepen it further still. Pray our staff and ministry team would always and first pick up a servant’s towel as they lead.

Day Twenty-Five – June 20
Pray for our Elders

Thank God for our Elders and the wise and godly leadership they have provided our church over many years. Pray for Rick, our chair of Elders. Pray for our newly elected Elders. Pray that as Newlife steps into a new season, our Elders will lead us wisely and courageously – ensuring we always, and in all ways fix our eyes on Jesus.

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