3 John

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Read //
Follow only what is good. 3 John v 11

Explore //
I remember reading this letter as a teenager thinking it sounded good – I read the whole book in a night. But I never saw the gold in what I was reading. Slow down as you read this, who are the Lord’s workers who we can bless? Often we can be quick to look to someone else to do the blessing but the invitation is right there V5-9. I also felt provoked by verse v11, who am I being influenced by? Who is influencing me?

Apply //
This is an awesome chance for us to reflect on two things; Who are the missionaries or Lord’s workers that God has prompted us to support (in one of MANY different ways: Prayer, Finances, time etc) and secondly who’s example are you being influenced by? Someone is who is doing good or doing evil? It’s a confronting question but John’s put it in there for a reason.

Lord I pray that today we slow down, we begin to look at who is influencing us, if that’s someone who isn’t great and God honouring, I pray that you begin to reveal to people in our lives who are good influences. God you are God, your love is good and I pray we rest in that truth. Amen

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