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Acts 10:34-43

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This is the second time in the last 3 chapters where we see a man who is a believer in God but has not heard the gospel of Jesus and God sends a messenger to preach to him. God is continually searching for those that are seeking for the truth and he is seeking for those who are willing to be sent. Jesus said, “seek and you will find knock and the door will be opened”. So, we can trust God is faithful and always at work.

There are two things God is doing in this story, one he is again bringing salvation to the whole world and two changing the heart and mind of his servant Peter.

I love how Peter is so willing to be challenged by God and challenged in his former beliefs to be more and more like Jesus. His first reaction is “no I never have done anything unclean” and then he goes and meets and eats with a Gentile which was unclean for a Jew to do.

God shows no partiality, so neither should he.

Apply //

I wonder how often we don’t talk to people because they are different from us?

I’m not talking only culturally but also people who have had a different lifestyle in our own culture.

God calls us to love and serve all people not just the people you get along with or are comfortable talking to.

And I love that this is what ministries like Rahab in our church community do when they go into brothels here on the Gold Coast to love and preach the gospel to people most of us would avoid. They serve and love those ladies because they know God shows no partiality and loves those women as much as he loves us. The gospel is for all people and dare I say it? even those we class as our enemies because God classes them as lost sons and daughters in need of Jesus and so should we.


Lord help me feel the love you have for all people

Help me see people through your eyes

May I have a love and burden for the lost and be willing to be challenged by you in areas that do not line up with your ways and love

God thank you that you do not show partiality, for you love me and have patience with me and your grace is poured out on me daily

So, may I have the same patience, grace and love for all people

Through your Holy Spirit


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