Missions update from Dina

Thank you Newlife for being part of His Kingdom here in Bosnia,

We have had a busy summer as we continue to practice football twice a week. We did not take a break after the last presentation in June, as we had lots of new kids join us. One of the highlights was attending an International football tournament in Banja, about 70 km north of Jajce.

As part of the Summer program we took kids to play tennis, introduced street golf, played with water ballons, took them bowling and to the cinema. We also did a BBQ, where we were able to feed kids who have not had a decent meal in a while.

We have also been able to help families who are in bad financial situations with food, clothing, shoes and school supplies. One family, who’s son had to go to hospital in Sarajevo, we were able to find them a church to stay in. They could not believe what we did for them as Christians. Please pray for his recovery.

Lamija Story: Lamija is 13 years old and joined our hockey club after a presentation we made at her school. She is an only child and her dad recently lost his job. I asked her what does it mean for her to be part of the team and how did she enjoy her 1st summer camp. “When Lavovi came for the first time to the school to do a presentation and taught us different exercises, I started loving this sport (hockey). I started coming regularly to practise and since April 2018 I came not stop. I enjoy my time with my team, playing this sport, going to the tournaments and meeting new friends from other towns. I learned a lot from the best coach, not only about this sport but also about life in general. Camp was a really great experience. It was my first time and I met so many new friends. One of the things I loved about being there was working in the groups and discussing different themes and sharing our opinions, as well as hearing what others thought.

We ask you to continue to pray for opportunities for us to talk one on one with the young people we work with, including Lamija and the girls from the new school. Please pray for our team meetings, strength and renewed hope for the new generations. Pray that God shows us how to continue working with the youth after the summer break.

God Bless, Dina

Missions Update from Bryon Davis

Hi Newlife from Poipet, Cambodia where I am currently living.

The last couple of years here has seen some rapid change in the city, there is huge growth and development with trade across the Thai border as well as the Casino industry here, making it a hustling and bustling place to be. There are a lot of Chinese moving to this area of Cambodia and what was once quiet Cambodian villages, is fast being transformed into larger housing subdivisions and developments. There has been no better time to continue to reach out to the Cambodians, especially the children, providing them with community structure, employment opportunities and education.

I’ve been working closely with Perlito and Rose, our Newlife mission Partners here in Poipet. They have planted a church that reaches out to disciple the families and young people. Through the generous support of their partners, including many from Newlife, they currently have almost 200 students in a sponsorship program giving them the opportunity to get a life changing education.

The ministry here is expanding and developing and there is definitely always something to keep us busy. We have recently opened a small laundry service and breakfast restaurant to employ some of the families from the church who live in the city. We’ve all been busy getting the building ready and the project started.

We have also been continuing to reach out to the rural villages surrounding Poipet. You might have heard of the land we purchased there in one of the villages. We have now employed some people from the village to prepare the soil and fence the land. Soon we will be ready to build a school where the children can come and learn English and a church where more villagers can come and be encouraged by the Word of God.


Byron Davis
Newlife Mission Partner

Newlife Missions – August Update

Over the past few years members of Newlife have been sponsoring children in Poipet, Cambodia. The children are all from a slum just metres away from our Missions Partners – Pastor Perlito and Rose – ministry centre. These children have gone from receiving very minimal, if any education, to being able to attend one of the best private schools in their community. The sponsorship program also sees these students taught about Jesus and have English lessons at the Learning Centre established by Pastor Perlito and Rose. These education opportunities that would otherwise not be possible, together with hearing the hope Jesus, is paving the way to a better future for the sponsored children, their families, and their wider community. This year, for the first time we are seeing four children sponsored through this program graduate from high school!

There are two key ways you can support our sponsorship program.

  1. We have a number of young Cambodia children looking for sponsors to see them through their schooling, with the new school year beginning in September. A cost of $58 per child per month covers your sponsor child’s school fees, transport to and from school, and a meal each school day. You might like to consider sharing the monthly sponsorship of a child with a friend, your family, or even your small group!
  2. The second option is to buy a $60 school pack to set up a student for the coming school year. This pack includes all of their school equipment for the year ahead including new uniforms, a pair of shoes, backpack and stationery supplies.

Our sponsorship program currently supports the education and spiritual development of 75 students, but we have more students desperately seeking sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or assisting with the purchase of a $60 school pack, please contact Lana at [email protected] or look out for the Missions Desk at all services on Sunday August 26th.