Covid-19 Policy

We are all family in Christ. This transcends whether we are vaccinated, not vaccinated, are vaccine hesitant or people who are unable to be vaccinated. Our commitment to one another transcends our diversity of thought about Covid-19 and vaccination. We are lovingly committed to one another while we maintain best known practice for living with Covid-19. This page outlines Newlife’s general Covid Policy.

Throughout this season, if you are alone or need help with anything please feel free to contact us.

What Service can I attend?

All Sunday services at Robina, Brisbane and Coolangatta can be attended by everyone and no proof of vaccination will be required. We also stream Newlife Online live at 10am every Sunday.

The only service which will need proof of vaccine, will be Crossroads on Fridays at Robina as this is primarily attended by vulnerable people.

Are Service capacities capped?

Services are limited to 1 person per 2 sqm, or for smaller venues up to 200 people if ticketed. This means for Robina we can have up to 450 in auditorium, Coolangatta 150 and Brisbane (TBA).

Are unvaccinated people able to attend worship services on site?

Yes. All Sunday services are open to be attended by everyone.

How are you ensuring your environments are Covid Safe?

In accordance with our Covid Safe Plan, below demonstrates how we are keeping our environments safe.

– All of our high traffic rooms are cleaned daily.

– On Sunday, high touch areas (such as bathrooms, door handles, touchpads, etc) are cleaned in-between services.

– We provide hand sanitiser at all locations. In addition to this, face masks are available upon request.

– Please do not attend physical services and seek medical attention if you are feeling unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Does Newlife encourage people to be vaccinated?

Newlife encourages people to consult their medical professional about the appropriateness of vaccination for themselves.

Will vaccination be made compulsory for Newlife Staff Members?

To ensure we can provide the safest environment for all those who come to our churches, we require any staff who are unvaccinated to wear face masks while on site when they cannot socially distance.

Can unvaccinated people go to Small Group?

Yes, small gatherings are still allowed in the home regardless of vaccination status.

Would you like to talk with someone about this?

We have people available to walk with you through the many challenges of this season. This is not an easy time, but as a church family we can get through this together. Please call 5578 9322  or email