Galatians Chapter 3

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Read //
Verse 3,

“Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?”


Explore //
I loved reading this chapter because Paul incredibly clearly speaks of the curse of the law and how Jesus bore that curse so that through faith we would be saved. But I love how he starts, “You foolish Galatians!”, he tells them off and then sarcastically asks them this rhetorical question, “Did you receive the Spirit by works or by believing?” He’s saying that it’s ridiculous to try and progress in your faith by means of doing better and being a better Christian, but because we started our journey by faith, we get to continue through faith.

Apply //
This is something I do consistently, I remember how amazing God is and how he saved me through no work of my own, then try and almost repay that salvation by being a better Christians and feeling guilty when I can’t. Applying this I feel for my own life just means waking up, thanking God for what he’s done, and asking that he would continue to work in me and allow me to trust in his work more rather than my own.

Dear Lord, I thank you for my journey with you started through faith in you rather than my own works, I’m sorry then for when I try and continue my journey with you through my works rather than trusting in you. You are so good to me, thank you for all you’ve done.