Galatians Chapter 5

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Read //
Verse 6.
“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts
is faith expressing itself through love.”

Explore //
I love this chapter so much as it introduces what practically living free from the law looks like, Paul introduces the fruit of the spirit and how since we’re free, it’s not an excuse to indulge in the flesh
but to love one another in that freedom. And here in this verse Paul reiterates that the only thing that counts now in Jesus is faith which is seen as love for one another, not separation through following the law or not following the law.

Apply //
Applying this just seems too simple, love one another, but on our own it’s not as simple as we think. But through faith Paul writes, love is seen, through pushing further into God and what he’s done, we are free to love. This verse is a beautiful reminder that the expression of my faith in God should be using my freedom to love and bless others.

Dear Lord, I’m so sorry for when I don’t love in the way you’ve called me to, please continue to remind me of your love and goodness that I may be a blessing to others in the way my faith is seen as love. Thank you for your overwhelming love that I just seem to get lost in, you are so good.