Hebrews Chapter 1

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Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?  (Hebrews 1:14)

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The letter to the Hebrews is heavy in content from the start. The first four verses offer a very high view of Jesus as God’s final and full word to humanity, as one with the Father and above all created things.  In short, the writer is making the radical claim that Jesus is God. In emphasising this point, he goes on to assert that Jesus is even above the angels. Many Jews in that day were fascinated with angels and the spiritual realm, often unhealthily so. The writer does not dispute at all the existence of angels, but simply establishes that Jesus stands above them.  In fact, he finishes this section and the chapter by asserting that angels minister to those who are to inherit salvation; that is, people who place their faith and trust in Jesus as Lord. Angels serve, and minister to sons and daughters of God – me, us!

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I live in an extremely materialistic culture, where what we can sense and understand with our senses is that which is real. There’s suspicion of the spiritual realm, if not outright ridicule. Talk of angels can seem whacky – anti-intellectual even. But the Bible assumes the existence of such beings and records human encounters with them – most notably perhaps with Mary the mother of Jesus. So, if angels exist – and if one of their earthly purposes is to serve those whom Jesus saves – I am blessed by the presence of angels. Do I walk and live in that confidence?

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Thank you, Lord, that you created all that is seen and unseen. Thank you that I do not need to fully understand all of your blessings to enjoy them. Thank you for your ministering angels.

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