Hebrews Chapter 11

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Read //

Hebrews 11:1-2, 13

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This chapter is known as the great faith chapter of the bible. It details the chronological heroes of the Old Testament, who, without actually getting to see the fulfilment of Christ, believed there was a future hope. These heroes lead faithful, obedient lives, ‘welcoming from a distance’ the fulfilment of the promise God gave them ‘admitting they were foreigners and strangers on earth’. Yet because of their faith, we have inherited the promise of Christ.

Apply //

What lives of faith that we live here and now will be the inheritance of those to come? Though we may not see the fulfilment of our faith in our lifetime, we need to press on to pave the way for the salvation of those to come. Sometimes we forget that God sees in full, and we see only in part. Faith is believing that God has everything in hand, and we only need to be obedient.

Pray //

Lord, we thank you that you see the grander picture of our lives, and the part we play in your kingdom. Help me to be faithful when it seems there is no fruit. May we never grow weary of pressing on for the cause of Christ.

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