James Chapter 4

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Read //
James 4:8a
Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.

Explore //
“Draw near to God” holds images of worship when the people of God would come up to the temple to worship Him (Isa 29:14-15; 58:2), but also the call to return to God in a life devoted to him (Hos 12:6). What is significant is God’s drawing near us. This is not suggesting God is distanced from us, rather when we strengthen our relationship with Him, we can see His presence with increased clarity each day no matter the day or situation.

Apply //
How do we draw near to God? Like any relationship it is time, we can read/listen to the bible, pray, meet together both one on one, and as a community in Church and talk about where you are with God. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends how your relationship with God is going, we are doing this together and God has given us each other for encouragement. Ask yourself “where can I be more mindful of God in my life”?

Thank you God you desire relationship with me, and you have put me in this family of believers. Help me seek you each day in whatever I do, remembering you are near me. Help me in my struggles, and help me encourage others who may be struggling. Thank you You are a good God and your character is love.