John Chapter 2

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Get these things out of here, stop turning the father’s house into a marketplace John 2:16

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It excites me that Jesus’ first miracle in Johns gospel is turning water into wine, as most other weddings went it was the best that got served first and then the quality tapered down as the taste buds did. However Jesus is sending a message, the best is yet to come! Here is what you are used to, but with me, your taste buds are going to be rattled! (Spoiler alert Jesus isn’t just meaning we are going to taste nice wine, he is saying that he is here to change our entire lives as we know it). Then after this, Jesus walks into the temple a Holy place and begins flipping over tables! Once again changing the way things are done, saying that gone are the days of people who are gaining finances through sales in the temple. This is a place or worship!

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What is Jesus trying to teach me through his miracle of turning water into wine? Have I begun to forget the amazing change Jesus can bring to my life?

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Lord, I pray that today I am reminded of your miracle of turning water into wine! I pray that I never forget how special your miracles are! More important may I remember why you perform miracles, to bring praise and honor to you.

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