John Chapter 3

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Therefore, I am filled with joy at his success. He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. John 3:30

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John 3:16 the most famous Bible verse of all time (probably), I found myself skimming over this saying I’ve read this before, but slow down re-read that and look at what it actually says! There is an invitation here like no other! God has sent his son to save the world from our sin, furthermore, anyone who believes in the father will have eternal life, what a beautiful piece of scripture. The other part that stands out to me in chapter 3 is the humility of John the Baptist, here is a man who has done some incredible works for the glory of his father, and as soon as people turn to him and compare him to the Messiah he shuts them down and explains he wants to become less so that Jesus will become more. Less of me more of you Jesus.

Apply //

This chapter is jam-packed with gold. Firstly sitting in v16 & 17, you may not yet be a Christian, or maybe you have Rabbi levels of faith. Either way, this is an opportunity to look at what God has actually done for us, and how desperately he wants to set us free from our old ways and be in a relationship with us.
In v19-20 I found myself asking the question what kind of light bearer am I being? Am I one who is shining the light of Christ into the darkness of this world?
Finally, John the Baptist’s humility blows me away, a man who has done so much for the kingdom of God is on a continuous mission to ensure there is less of him and more of Christ for everyone who meets him, that’s the kind of humility we as Christians should be striving for.

Pray //

Lord, I pray that today I am reminded of your miracle of turning water into wine! I pray that I never forget how special your miracles are! More important may I remember why you perform miracles, to bring praise and honor to you.

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