John Chapter 6

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Read //

That is why I said that people can’t come to me unless the father gives them to me.  John 6:44

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Well, how amazing is God! Seriously from one young boy’s lunch box with 2 fish and 5 loaves he was able to feed over 5000 people! But how quickly is that miracle forgotten, as we read on this chapter the doubt of the believers sets in, for me this is such a beautiful reminder that I am never immune to doubt in my faith, instead each day I should thank God for the blessing in my life, remind myself of the truth of Christ, so when doubt set’s in I don’t ask for a miracle or a sign, but I instead dig deeper into my relationship with Christ. As Jesus has said he is the bread of life! Anyone who is thirsty can drink from his well and be thirsty no more!

Apply //

When Jesus says that nobody can come to the father except through me, it can be read as an exclusive statement, but it’s an open invitation!! Jesus is saying that there are more laws than you can even remember so how will you keep them? Instead, sit at my feet, listen to my teachings and know that I am the one true source of life.

Pray //

Lord today may we be reminded of the open invitation of Jesus, may we walk in comfort knowing what you have done for us. Lord, I pray that that’s where we get our source of life from, not in material possessions or living a religious life but one that is so embedded in a relationship with you that no doubt could ever tear our relationship with you apart.

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