Luke Chapter 16

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Read //

Luke 16:9 and Luke 16:31

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The first verse stood out to me as it seemed to be at odds with Matthew 19:23 where Jesus said to His disciples “Truly I say to you, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” I always thought it was unfair for it to be so difficult for someone who happens to be rich to get into heaven. This passage in Luke reconciles what Jesus was really talking about. It appears that Jesus is more focused on where you spend your wealth rather than the existence of it. The problem with the rich young ruler in Matthew was that he hoarded onto his riches instead of letting go when the time called for it. In contrast, the manager quickly realised what was important and let go of his wealth to gain something much more important.

Apply //

What am I holding onto and what am I letting go of? Am I like the young rich ruler that doesn’t understand that letting go of temporary riches on earth means eternal dwellings in heaven?


God I confess that my hands instinctively grab things that I know won’t last or sustain me. I pray that you fill me with your Holy Spirit to steer my hands away from this world and hold onto You who is eternal. Only you can save us Jesus.

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