Luke Chapter 17

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Luke 17:5 and Luke 17:37

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Today’s REAP was particularly difficult as there is so much theological density in this one chapter. There is stuff about sin, faith, duty, healing, the kingdom of God, false christs and even hints at what appears to be the rapture. It’s evident throughout the bible that faith plays a big role in our understanding of scripture and verse 5 perfectly encapsulates how we should respond when we don’t understand something about God. How often do we first seek out books, commentaries and famous pastors more readily than before simply shouting out to God himself: “Increase our faith!” Biographies help in our understanding of God but nothing would compare to a personal conversation with Him.

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How often do I treat the bible like any other subject that I study- simply dedicating the hours and expecting a revelation in return? Today’s REAP has really challenged to see my study of God’s word more as a conversation than an examination.


God I pray you increase our faith! May all revelation be revealed through you and not through human wisdom and understanding.

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