Luke Chapter 19

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Luke 19-1-6

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In this passage, we see a man named Zacchaeus, a chief tax collector that climbed a tree to see Jesus coming from afar. It’s interesting to note Zacchaeus’s peaked curiosity and persistence to even get just a glance of Jesus. I can only imagine how overjoyed he would have felt once Jesus recognized him and told him that he would be staying at his house.

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If we pay close attention to many of the people that were forgiven by Jesus during his ministry, they were always so desperate to see him and to touch him. There was this sense that they were so eager to see him that they wouldn’t think twice about the obstacles ahead of them. I was deeply convicted by Zacchaeus and his instinctive response to do everything he can (even to climb a tree) to see a glimpse of Jesus. How often do I see an obstacle (in the case of Zacchaeus it was high height) and say I can’t see God instead of climbing that tree, doing anything I can even to get a glimpse of Him.


God I pray that whenever I see a seemingly immovable object that I seek you to give me strength. I pray that when I see an infinitely tall mountain that I pray that you give me faith to climb it. Give me faith to do anything I can to see glimpses of You. In the name of Jesus Amen.

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