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Mark 1:1-8 ( John the Baptist prepares the way )

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It’s interesting to me that Mark begins the Gospel of Jesus at John the Baptist, and not at the birth of Jesus, or even before. This signifies the beginning of Jesus’ formal ministry and his receiving of the Holy Spirit. Isaiah prophesied of this messenger, John the Baptist, and Mark chooses to highlight the importance of this particular message at the beginning of his Gospel account. “I baptise with water – Jesus will baptise with the Holy Spirit.” The next several chapters go on to recount some of the amazing miracles Jesus performed in the Spirit’s power.

Apply //

The symbolism of the dove descending on Jesus was important in signifying that Jesus had the authority from the Father to minister in the Spirit’s power. From my perspective, how often do I try to minister to others in my own strength and not in the power of the Spirit? God calls, commissions, empowers and then sends, and his strength is made perfect in my weakness.

Pray //

Lord, I long to be filled again and again by your Spirit, knowing that my ministry and life is empowered and directed by you. “Not by might or by power but by my Spirit says the Lord.” Amen to that!


  • Stu says:

    There’s such an urgency about Mark’s gospel. It’s one of the reasons its my favourite of the 4 accounts of Jesus’ life. God/Jesus is always on the move in Mark!

  • Lyn Sheldon says:

    Jesus ministry was only a few months old and people were flocking to Him. I observed that He didn’t have the media of today to broadcast His message yet I see the word of Jesus ministry spread like wildfire. In John1:45 “Jesus could not enter the city but went outside to desert places, and they came from every direction.” I am challenged with the power that Jesus had because of His continual communion with the Father v35. People were healed & delivered as a result. I know that as I spend more time with the Lord, He will bring people to me/us if we allow Him to work supernaturally through us as the body of Christ. I pray the Holy Spirit to keep my eyes on Jesus and His word that I may be effective in what he has called me to.

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