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Mark 2:1-12 ( Jesus Heals the Paralytic )

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This part of the story jumped out at me because Jesus connects the man’s sins with his condition, and this is something I’ve always wrestled with – especially in the ‘faith-healing’ movement. Whether or not this is unique to this man’s situation or it is symbolic of everyone’s situation is not clear from the text. Jesus however was making a point not about the man’s situation but about his authority to both forgive sins (the evidence of which in this case was healing) and simply to heal. Since people had experienced and seen miraculous healings before, Jesus used this moment to evidence through the man his authority to forgive sins, which they clearly only believed to be an attribute of God.

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Two things challenge me in this story. The first is being encouraged to have the faith to believe that God will heal me and then actually stepping out of my comfort zone to ask. The second is not accepting that my current condition is how it has to be. I have a foot that has no feeling on the outside and double sensitivity on the inside after a botched ankle operation. With no shoes I walk with a limp. After almost two years I’ve come to accept that I will always have this. But if I climbed a roof and lowered myself down in front of Jesus, would he commend my faith and heal me? Can I believe that he might just say to me – “take off your shoes, run home and tell your friends!”

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Lord, heal my unbelief. Change my heart to not just believe that you CAN heal but that you WILL.

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  • Warren Fieldes says:

    Great Craig! Lord heal my skepticism!. Two sundays ago Michael was talking about God’s kindness towards us, and during the meeting God placed a message on my heart that I was to treat a certain work college with more kindness. I protested and said to him that I have never been unkind towards this person, however I’ll try to be more kind. I went to work straight after the 8am service and was working with this person. Within the first hour it became apparent that there was something seriously wrong with her and as I waited for the ambulance to arrive, as she was in fear for her life, I was able to tell her that God cared for her and would comfort her. I was reminded that he is Emmanuel – God with us.

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