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Mark 3:4 (Jesus heals the man with the crippled hand)

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This story is another example of the ongoing battle between Jesus and the religious law keepers. Jesus was constantly challenging the law keepers not just to consider the laws but the purpose of the laws, and why they existed in the first place. What is the reason for the law and to what end? Jesus would argue that these laws were for the deliverance and protection of humanity and the glory of God. If observing the law prevented the ability for someone to do good, it defeated the purpose of the law. It’s fascinating to me that the Pharisees did not even seem to flinch at the miracle itself. They were more worried about protocol.

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I wonder where my attitude of “this is the way it should be done,” gets in the way of what God wants to do? Have I quenched the Holy Spirit by disapproving or discrediting what he has done or is wanting to do? Furthermore, am I amazed when I see or hear testimony of healing or transformation, or am I skeptical and wary?

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Lord stir in me a faith that expects to see the miraculous, and rejoices in your saving Grace.


  • Warren Fieldes says:

    Hi Craig, I totally resonate with your comment about how often I think this is the way things should be done, only to see that I am in the way by not allowing God to be God. I thank God that he can still use me in spite of me!

    • Craig says:

      Yeah true Warren, it’s a healthy dose of humility when we realise that God might have a better handle on things than we do…

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