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Mark 4:35-41

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Growing up I always wondered why Jesus rebuked the disciples saying “you of little faith.” They were genuinely scared for their life. Seasoned fisherman out on boats on a lake they were familiar with. Surely this was no ordinary storm. The fact they were afraid spoke to its severity. So why would Jesus rebuke them?

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I heard an awesome message on this story once which gave me an answer. Jesus said ‘get in the boat, we are going to the other side.” At that moment, the Lord told them the destination of their journey – the other side of the lake. So when the disciples started fearing for their lives, they no longer believed they would make it to the other side. Jesus rebuked their lack of faith, in that what he speaks, WILL come to pass. When have I heard God clearly speak, and do I believe it will come to pass, or do I balk at the height of the waves?

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Lord, help me trust that the words you have spoken to me and over me will indeed come to pass – I do not want to fear the storm. Amen.

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