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Mark Chapter 5

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Each of the stories in Mark chapter 5 deal with remarkable miracles of healing. The demon possessed man, the woman with the issue of blood and raising Jairus’ daughter back to life. For me, each of these stories highlight different theological issues I’ve wrestled with over the years. The man in the first story was mentally deranged, and in this case Jesus identified this as a result of possession and cast out the demons. That leads some Christians to conclude that all mental illness is somehow demonically influenced. The woman who reached out and touched Jesus’ clothes was commended for her great faith, and Jesus heals her. This leads some Christians to believe that all ailments can be healed if only we have enough faith. The story of Jairus’ daughter is amazing. Jesus had the power to raise the dead back to life. Before he left this earth, Jesus told his disciples that they would do even greater things by the power of the Holy Spirit than they had seen him do. This leads some christians to believe that we should expect to witness and experience similar miracles as these on our own lives and more than that.

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Each of these scenarios highlight to me the compassion of Jesus, the full and free power of the Holy Spirit at work in his life and some wonderful examples of God’s sovereign Grace. I am encouraged to expect that God will do exceedingly more than I could ask or imagine, and also to constantly challenge the voice that says “God CAN heal, but probably won’t.”

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Lord, I know that faith is a gift, and so I pray that by your Grace you would increase my faith, for your glory and not my own.


  • Stu says:

    This spoke to me so clearly this morning – Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (verse 36). It is what I say to myself that more often leads me to despair and hopelessness. But Jesus invites me to trust him – an unknown future to a known God. And so I will.

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