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Mark 9:29 

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What is weird about this passage is the reason Jesus gives to why the demon left the boy. He indicates it was the result of prayer (some manuscripts say fasting). Yet, unless I missed something…there is no indication of outward prayer in this moment as Jesus delivers the young boy. What could he be referring to then? I think he is talking about a lifestyle. It was not the prayer of the moment, but the daily rhythm of prayer that Jesus highlights as significant. Prayer leads to intimacy, intimacy leads to authority. When we know the one from whom our authority comes, we know the power we have to operate on His behalf.

Apply //

How often do I seek to do things for God without seeking to first be with God? So much of my day can be filled with frivolous activity, and whilst not much of this has to do with demon exorcism, I can get frustrated at the lack of ‘fruit’ my efforts produce. Jesus’ reminder here is powerful, as before God wants us to minister for Him, He first longs for us to be ministered to by Him. Prayer is not about gaining authority, the power or the ability to do amazing things. Rather it’s about falling into deeper love with the one from whom all power, authority and good comes from. How is prayer a daily rhythm of my life?

Pray //

Jesus, so often in my busyness I can forget to wait, dwell and be with you. I run ahead to the next task, and do all these things FOR you. Help me to wait, abide and remain in and with you, so that my life might be the fruit of my intimacy with you Lord.

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