Matthew Chapter 14

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Matthew Chapter 14

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These three adventures have a common thread.

When the disciples were confronted with 5000 hungry people, they “told Jesus” to “send them away” because they had no food.

Jesus replied “, YOU “give them something to eat”. Jesus is saying, use what you have and I will bless it… and guess what?  “Action delivered the miracle”

Secondly, the disciples are terrified amidst a storm at sea. Jesus arrives on the water and invites Peter to “come”. Peter stands up, and walks for a few steps toward Jesus, defying gravity.

“Come”, “Give”, Act”.

Jesus taught the disciples a profound truth – use what you have and God will help you flourish.

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There are times in my life when I have faced terrible failure, family tragedy or impossible business hurdles. I have prayed and asked God to send a miracle in the form of opportunity, health or a generous investor.

The word I get most of the time is the same word he gave to the disciples; “Come”, “Give”, “Go” which simply means, to ACT. Do something.

Shakespeare once wrote that “action in eloquence” and these two stories make the same point in scripture.

I am glad that God sees me as an active participant in the relationship we call Christianity. Yes, he can call on a legion of angels, however, he often needs me to have a little more faith in my gifts, talents and capacity which, he gave me, and will bless, if, I use them.


Lord, thank you that this relationship is more than just you. It is me too! I am humbled with this knowledge and I pray that as I face what appears to be insurmountable challenges, you will be patient with me as I remember that I was created in your image to bring miracles to this world.

Help me to be bold and “Come”, “Give” and “Go” after which, you will bless.