Matthew Chapter 15

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  • Great faith
  • Feeding 4,000

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Imagine asking Jesus a question and he responds, “Are you still so dull?”

If it was me I would think “Gee I really missed an important point”

This happened to Peter

Jesus says to him (paraphrased)

Peter, I know that there are a lot of laws about what you should eat and not eat and wear and not wear but; it is not what you put into your mouth or on your body that separates you from God. It is actually the words that come out of your mouth”.

Maya Angelou, the great Christian and Poet says that “words are things”. are a gift from God to man as a means of navigating life. Words more than misty thoughts, they are powerful “things”.

Jesus says that our words are a picture of what consumes our thoughts and therefore the focus in our hearts.

“OUCH”. Peter doesn’t get it at first and Jesus says , “Are you still so dull”.

Choice of Words reflect the truth in our hearts not what you choose to eat for lunch.

Apply //

Who is your favourite speaker?

Who is the person you always listen to and always carry out their suggestions and directions. You may be saying, Stu Cameron or Martin Luther King and you would be wrong.

Your favourite speaker – is YOU

It’s true. YOU always do what YOU decide to do. You decide to do what is in your heart, your thoughts and your words.

Jesus is saying, be careful what you say because it mirrors what your heart really ponders upon and it’s what you do – every time.

Listen to your words and be careful – they are “things” used to create good and evil. Use them wisely.


God show me how to develop a heart that inspires Godly thoughts and then creates Godly words.