Matthew Chapter 16

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Read //


  • Show us a sign
  • Be careful of stray ideas
  • Wow what an insight!
  • You got it wrong again Peter.

Explore //

The followers ask Jesus a question. Please show us something concrete that this Kingdom story is true.

Jesus says – No sign shall be given, only another story that “points the way” (Jonah).

Jesus warns that stray ideas from Pharisees and Sadducees are dangerous, so be careful about jumping to conclusions about God.

Jesus praises Peter for saying “you are the Christ”. Jesus response affirms Peter’s insight as a revelation that he will build the church on. Well done Peter; good idea mate.

Then Peter decides to throw another idea into the ring  (you won’t die Jesus, I won’t let you) and Jesus rebukes (again) by aligning the idea with Satan – “Get behind me Satan”

Wow, what a roller coaster ride for the disciples. Sounds like my faith journey too.

Apply //

Christianity is grounded in faith. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for (says Hebrews 11) so faith cannot be built upon tangible evidence, that is why it’s compelling nature is a mystery to unbelievers.

Faith, is both a noun (the name of something) and a verb (an action). In these passages, the disciples both declare their faith and start acting on it.

And they make mistakes. (“Get behind me Satan”)

Sound familiar to you too?

The key to faith is that it requires action, and action will mean that we make mistakes. The point I find in these passages is that Jesus both praises and rebukes however, his offer of relationship remains.

Relationship with God (Jesus) is the constant as we develop our faith.


Thank you that faith is not something that comes and goes with the weather or time of day. Help me Lord to be confident enough in my faith to act on it and know that you will be there to affirm and correct and – befriend.