Matthew Chapter 18

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Jesus states that unless we become more like him, we have no part in his kingdom. For example, the themes in this chapter are

  • unless you become as a little child
  • takes the destructive impact of sin really seriously
  • do not ignore sin even amongst friends in church
  • remember that God found you and saved you
  • God Forgives.

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These stories all remind us to be aware that, while salvation is Gods effort to draw us closer to his kingdom, his influence requires a “metamorphosis” of the way we look at life. Isaiah says “My thoughts are not your thoughts” Isaiah 55:5, and these scriptures bring a sharp resolution to the gospel message that, while we cannot save ourselves through good works, God’s presence and Good News will require a response in the form of

  • Seeking God as a child
  • Distancing ourselves from sinful influence
  • Building communities where Good News is lived
  • Forgiving others in an act of grace

Apply //

Blind spots are our behaviours that we don’t see – but others do. It might be a tendency to be negative under stress or you might turn everything into a competitive win- lose scenario. Blind spots are dangerous because they are habits which we are not aware of but can impact our own lives and the lives of others in destructive ways.

Identifying blind spots takes courage and deliberate transparency to allow others to highlight poor (sinful) habits, which we may see as normal.

When we become aware of these blind spots, don’t ignore them. They have the power to direct your life in directions that you do not want to go.


Lord, Help me to gain trust in others who can show me the blind spots which separate me from friends, family and even God. In the same way that Jesus became vulnerable on the cross, let me be vulnerable to change destructive habits and perspectives.