Matthew Chapter 19

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Can a man divorce his wife?

The disciples get annoyed with children.

Getting a Camel through the eye of a needle

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What these passages reveal to “me” is the importance of “posture”.

“What? You mean how the disciples stand matters?” I hear you say.

Not quite, by posture, I mean – what was the intent in the hearts of the disciples in asking their questions.

The Pharisee’s questions about divorce were a tricks and intended to trap.

Jesus responded with riddles and ambiguity. A road block.

The disciples posture however, was inquisitive and genuinely wanting to know. Jesus was far more gracious in his response to them and he ends by saying “the one who can accept this should do so”. He left room for people to seek understanding or time to think, rather than a black and white law.

If you look at the other two stories, Jesus rebukes those with a posture that is self righteous and he then warmly embraces those with a “posture” to learn.

Apply //

Isaiah 1:18 instructs us to “come and reason with me”

I love this scripture because it invites me to ask God questions and then, like a Parliament, spend time (sometimes a long time) discussing and debating my questions with God as my life unravels. People who want quick answers are not seeking relationship, they seek self affirmation in a world that they agree with rather than a mystery to be discovered. True seeking of God takes first a posture of relationship.


God, help me to have a posture of curiosity. Help me to be open to answers which challenge my ideas of what “should be”. Help me to see the Kingdom truths as God sees them rather than, as I want them to be. Remind me to lean in and listen rather than stand back and observe.