Matthew Chapter 3

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Matthew 3:4-6

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 There are two interesting points here. First is, why is someone like John is someone as wild and crazy as John used as the representative of God. Why not someone well put together like a Pharisee? Or a king? It’s interesting that God would choose John the Baptist. Second is, the people were so eager to confess their sins. Contrast this with the Pharisees and Saducees where there is no mention of confession and they are rebuked by John the Baptist. It’s almost as if admission to wrong is what we’re striving for – above feeling right.
Apply //
Do I still remember the importance of confession? Do I really understand that this journey is more about repentance and clinging onto God’s grace than it is about becoming a better person?

God remind me to run back to your grace each time. May I not stand on my own righteousness. What is my own righteousness anyway but dirty rags in your sight. May I cling to you to be truly clean. May I never forget I need You always.