Matthew Chapter 20

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Read //

The themes of this passage are

  • Gods decisions are not unfair
  • Jesus anticipates is death
  • A new view of leadership
  • Two worlds collide and healing results

Explore //

Christianity is not just a motivational talk about living a better life.

It directs us to believe, think and act differently.

Jesus teaches in this passage that

  • Grace is undeserved favour (the workers all receive the same).
  • Death to this life comes before we can truly live. This is a theme of Jesus teaching.
  • To lead is to serve. (This idea was/ is counter intuitive to the leadership of the day)
  • God hears our cry and responds to us amidst the cacophony of life. (when others ignore us, Almighty God hears our repentant call)

Apply //

There is so much about Christianity that is counter intuitive to the conventional life the average Australian accepts as normal and good. History shows that when Christians truly live this counter intuitive life (forgiveness, dying to self, service and repentance), then the very direction of history moves in a new direction.

We might not be involved in Civil Rights or the underground church however we are involved in our lives and that is where God empowers us to live these values.

It starts where we are.

Lord, my hope comes from Jesus and the way he showed us to live in a counter-intuitive way as a reflection of your kingdom. Give me the courage to live in ways that strengthen your presence in this world that others may find you too.