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Missions Update | March 2019

By March 1, 2019No Comments
Here is a short update of what’s been happening in Tomnupdyke Village, Cambodia over the past 5 months and our plans and vision for the near future.
This village is particularly at risk because it’s right on the border of Thailand and most adults cross the border to find work, leaving their kids in the village often without adult supervision. We have been using many of the locals to work on the construction of the new school, which is already keeping some of the families together here in the village.
We have almost finished building the Stage One of the school building and toilet block. Next month, classes will begin. We will also soon begin construction of an accomodation block which will proving housing for the teachers and visiting missionaries and teams.
Thank you for keeping up to date with the development here in Cambodia and thank you very much for all your support!
Byron Davis

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