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Update from our Missions Partner in Cambodia – Byron Davis

Dear Newlife,

It was nice to be able to see you and speak at church last December.

Since arriving back in Cambodia, life has been busy and full. Below is a short update about Blessed Hope Centre, which Newlife and many of you have been supporting.

Blessed Hope is in a small rural village, close to the border city of Poipet where we built a centre for the local children to come to study and learn English. A friend of mine and fellow missionary, Teacher Jen, runs the centre during the week and a church service on Sunday along with two other teachers.

I recently started construction on a two bedroom house on the property, where Jen and one of the teachers can soon live and help care for the property. I look forward to finishing this house and continuing to see this centre grow into a community education centre.

Please be praying for one of our students. In November last year, she contracted TB and Meningitis. After going from hospital to hospital, we finally brought her to the capital city Phnom Pehn for treatment and so far she’s spent more than four months on her road to recovery. We are trying to support this family as much as possible with medical treatment and making her life more comfortable. Every time she sees me she cries because after all these months in a concrete wall hospital room, she just wants to go back to school. I wish I could just make everything okay, but sometimes life is not that easy.

About once a week, I am bringing someone to the hospital to get some type of treatment. About once a month, the backseat of my car unfortunately becomes an ambulance.

One thing for sure is that helping provide these children with an education, will give them a chance to break the cycle of poverty and empower them to become the leaders of the next generation that God created them to be.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support. If you would like to know more about my ministry here in Cambodia or receive my newsletters, please direct message me over Facebook.

God Bless,

Byron Davis


Child Sponsorship Opportunity: Extreme poverty is a reality for many children in Cambodia, however we believe hope in Jesus is more powerful than poverty. There are currently two children in our program who need immediate sponsorship so they can continue in their school studies and be provided with basic necessities. It is only $58 per month. If you would like to respond or find out more, please contact Lana Hartwig: Thank you!

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