Revelation Chapter 17

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Revelation 17

“Come and I will show you the judgement of the great prostitute who is seated on many waters, with whom the kings of the earth have committed sexual immorality and the wine of whose sexual immorality the dwellers on earth have become drunk…”

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he imagery of a harlot suggests that what should have been faithful has become unfaithful, compromised and liaising with foreigners. Many commentators equate the Revelation prostitute to a false religion, one which liaises with the Antichrist. This promiscuous church listens to and is advised by the world and its ideas and beliefs. In doing so, the church, the bride of Christ, become impure, a harlot. This unfaithful church is associated with Babylon- outwardly successful and prosperous, “arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and jewels.”

However Babylon means “confusion”.

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Babylon was known as a city of human achievement, a city worshipping many gods, synthesising “good” ideas and building its own religion, often swallowing up other religious people and ideas, which are made to bow at the feet of this Frankensteinian religion.

No system of thought these days can deny the enormous impact Jesus has had on world history. The fact of Jesus as a historical figure is not disputed by professional historians. And so any worldview must include Him in its synthesis. Jesus will never disappear from the public sphere. However, any belief system that does not have Him as the centrepoint of the past, present and future is Antichrist. Jesus is either First and Last in any belief system or it is Babylonian “confusion”.

The graphic imagery of the harlot liaising with foreigners is a stark warning to the church to stay faithful to Him and not be led away by enticing ideas of the world and incorporate these amongst the purity of the gospel, the chasteness of the church.


Teach us wisdom Lord in discerning a spirit of the Antichrist that would challenge you as the centre of our world.