Romans Chapter 14

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Read //

ROMANS 14: 19
Let us therefore follow after the things that make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.

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When we come upon the word ‘therefore’ in the scriptures, it is always an opportunity to stop and ask what the author put it there for. Often times it is used as a transition or a segue between a truth or exhortation and the application of that truth. Paul, having addressed the unnecessary divisions that threatened to fragment the unity of the early church, now gently compels his readers to instead pursue after peace and mutual edification.

Apply //

The word edify has its origins in the act of building a structure or building something of great strength from the foundations up. Whether in our homes, marriages, churches, workplaces or communities, rather than tearing each other down over trivial differences we should strive always to be peacemakers, to build others up with words of encouragement, enlightenment, comfort, consolation, acts of service and by focusing on our commonalities.

Pray //

Lord help me to be one who brings peace. I pray for the wisdom to not be drawn into disputes over inconsequential matters but rather to seek out things that I have in common with those around me and to edify them in word and deed. Amen

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