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Newlife Missions: Poipet, Cambodia

Tertiary educated people can help transform communities, but we need your help to see this happen in Cambodia. We are hoping to find some new sponsors to support a couple of our recently graduated high school students who have been accepted into university.

By way of background, university classes in Cambodia take place on the weekends and the sponsored university students will find work on weekdays to also help towards covering the costs associated with their university studies. The income they receive, though, does not completely cover their university costs (and travel), not to mention other adult life costs they may now encounter. Additionally, their parents are not really in a position to financially support their studies – in fact the students may face the expectation that they must contribute some of their income to their families, even while studying at university.

University student sponsorship helps to cover a portion of their university fees and their travel to university (which is one hour away by bus). The cost for the 2019/20 university year is $100/month (or $1,200/year). While it is our preference that sponsors cover this full amount, we are very happy to facilitate shared sponsorship where you and another sponsor contribute half of this amount each. If you decide to commit to any level of financial support, we ask that you do so for the whole of the student’s University degree (an estimated three-four years). We ask a similar commitment of the student too – he and his parents or guardian will sign a declaration to show their commitment to his studies, as is the case during primary and secondary schooling.

If you have any questions about university student sponsorship, or would like to begin sponsoring one of our university students in Cambodia, please contact Lana via email ( or phone (0405 450 453).

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