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Update from Dina. Our Missions Partner serving in Bosnia and Herzegovina

By April 22, 2020One Comment

Dear Newlife, 

We hope you and your family are well and had a blessed Easter! Thank you so much for supporting me and our church.

On the 8th of March I was ordained as a pastor in the Evangelical Church. This was a very special occasion, especially as this was the first time a women has been ordained in Bosnia and Herzegovina Evangelical Church.

In March we continued with the youth group on Saturdays, but then due to Covid-19 we had to stop. Now we record a message every other week and post it to the youth group on Facebook.   

We continue visiting families in need and assisting them with food and medicine, especially those who are above 65 as they are in a lock down.  

We kept our training in a sports hall twice a week until the 13th of March. Due to the schools locking down, we also had to stop training. We are in contact with the children and their families. Due to Covid-19, children under 18 cannot leave their houses which is challenging for them. They have had online schools for the last few weeks.   

We have a challenging time ahead of us. Schools are closed. We cannot do trainings, we cannot travel and have tournaments. We will stay in contact with all the children and teens we work with and assist their families, especially those who are lack of food, hygiene, and medicine.

The story of the month is a women’s conference that took place on the 9th of March for the International Women’s Day. We had about 50 women that we invited. Most of them were mums whose children go to our programs, some of them were teachers, and some businesswomen. The main speaker was Vanja Bule and the theme was From Ashes to Beauty. The message really touched the hearts of all of us. 

I want to speak about one lady that came whose name is Ivana. Her children have been part of the hockey team for three years. She was so touched by the testimony of Vanja’s message. The last two years Ivana has had autoimmune illness and it is really hard for her. I wanted to go for coffee with Ivana the following week after we had the meeting, but then this Covid-19 started and we could not meet in person. I hope once the Covid-19 is finished, we can meet with some of the women and have coffee and continue what we started on the 9th of March. We are praying for Ivana that the Lord heals her and in doing so shows her His great love for her and her family. 

Please pray for us:

Please pray for all the kids and teens that come to hockey who are now in a lock down. Pray that the lord will protect them and their families.  

Please pray for my mum and her health during this time. Praise God she did chemo in February and the last CT was good. 

Continue praying for the opportunities to share the reason for our hope in all our activities mainly through sport, music, and humanitarian work. Pray that we will be intentional in sharing God and praying for people.  

So far in our city Jajce, there has been no Covid-19. Pray that it remains like that. We pray that the Lord will stop this virus soon in the whole world. 

Pray for radio shows that we will have in May. We will interview Vanja Bule about her work in the Christian Broadcast Network. Pray that it will touch many hearts.

God bless, Dina

One Comment

  • Jo Rechner says:

    Wonderful to see your work Dina, your humility and grace, thank you so much for all you are doing for His kingdom and His people. Your country looks beautiful, a waterfall in the middle of the town, so unique.
    Will pray for you, family, friends and those you are ministering to, every blessing, Jo🌸

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